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Program and Project Management

Our highly experienced portfolio, program and project specialists are supported by our tools and methodologies, helping clients get their organisations and people ready, willing, and able to change the way they work to deliver sustainable business change value (benefits).

Our approach is pragmatic and flexible to understand our client needs, by carefully analysing our client challenges, needs and culture, to design a program or project with strong governance.

We provide the required services to ensure our clients succeed in their program and project objectives. Our services include:

  • Portfolio Management
  • Program and project management
  • PMO implementation and management
  • Risk and Issues management
  • Project management process and template design
  • Governance structure and framework
  • Stakeholder engagement and management
  • Change Control Management
  • Planning and scheduling
  • Financial management
  • Resource management

Case study

Large Health Sector Organisation

Health Program

Part One

Scope of work

Cathara Consulting was engaged to support the delivery of the a large program in the Health sector. The Program involved a cost of over $40 million over a three-year period, to deliver the Work Packages outlined below:

  • WP1 – Enterprise Compute, Storage and Managed Services – Replacement of existing services contained within DC facilities (co-location), infrastructure assets and managed service components of the incumbent contract and those managed by the organisation.
  • WP2 – Data Centre (DC) Connectivity Transitional Network Management and Gateway Services – Connection of the existing DCs used by the WA health system, including its legacy core network, to ICT DCs, Transitional Network Services and Internet Gateway Services.
  • WP3 – Network Connectivity Metropolitan and WA regional sites – Relocation of the WA health system owned and operated data carriage WAN services (metropolitan and regional) to the Core platform for the purposes of moving to a unified government communications network.

Transformational Activity – leveraging of foundational building blocks and building on these to provide transformational benefits, with high level planning, opportunity identification and significant implementation as part of the program.

Scope of work

Part Two


Similarities between those contracts and requirements set out in this request:

  • Commercial and Procurement support – Support during tender evaluation and contract negotiations.
  • Establishment of the Program Governance and Program Structure
  • Development of Program Plan, Resource Plan, Registers and reporting documents – Waterfall and Agile.
  • Change Management strategy, planning and framework.
  • Risks, Issues, Dependencies and Project CR managment.
  • Management to scope, timeline and budget.
  • Optimal use of resources across Work Packages .
  • Engagement with key stakeholders as required with expertise relating to planning and advisory related disciplines
  • Liaise with stakeholders to review and endorse deliverables.

Part three

Contract outcomes

Particularly outputs, savings, efficiencies etc:

  • Support during tender evaluation and contract negotiations.
  • Establishment of the Program Governance.
  • Development of Program Plan, Resource Plan, Registers and reporting documents (this has been treated as a Hybrid Program, with some stages being delivered under a Waterfall approach and others under an Agile one).
  • Risks, Issues, Dependencies and Project CR managment.
  • Completion of WP2 on time and budget.
  • Scoping of work grouped in WP1, incluiding the migration of more than one thousand apps to the Cloud.
  • Set up of Change Management Framework and Stakeholder Impact Analysis.
  • Compliance with guidelines established by governing bodies and organisations.
  • Negotiation with incumbent, vendors and services providers, HSPs, and external organisations impacted by the program.
Contract outcomes

How we transform

the right thing, the right way, first time

In any transformation, innovation is a key driver. Having a strong innovative culture can be the “make or break” of a transformation process. Since its inception, Cathara has been assisting clients on this journey.

“The trust and confidence that Cathara’s staff have for them, their regular contact, and making themselves readily accessible, results in their maintaining a close knowledge and awareness of project and account activities”

Associate Director, Client Services Information Services, University of Western Australia

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