We focus on issues and opportunities as they relate to our clients across industries and geographies.

Project Management
Organisational Change
Enterprise Solutions
Business Analysis
Data Insights

We source, screen, provide and support highly skilled, experienced and talented individuals who meet our client’s specific needs.

Recruitment Strategies
Screening Candidates
In-Person & Phone Interviews
Psychometric Test


The coordinated management of ICT projects and related activities to meet business objectives

Managing the effect of new business processes, cultural changes or changes in the organisational structure

Strategic techniques to achieve business objectives and architecture of systems that fulfils business requirements

Our professional contractors are experienced and have the expertise needed to transfer our know-how to our clients

Providing confidence that a product or service will fulfil requirements for quality and fitness for purpose

Supporting better business decision-making by using techniques and processes that deliver better and more clear information

Leveraging technology to provide effective management or support of ICT equipment, software and services

Thinking outside-the-box, exploring innovative ways to assist in shaping the future of our clients’ organisations

Defining information management processes and enabling the protection and control of information assets whilst maximising their business value


Our professional contractors are experienced and have the expertise needed to transfer our know-how to our clients

Our culture is based on recognising talent and assisting organisations to benefit from our experience

Our broad reach and deep networks result in a strong pool of candidates for our clients

Our technical knowledge, interviewing techniques and our warm approach allow us to identify the best candidates

The team is trained in the art of interview techniques to ensure we capture the information required to make an accurate assessment

Over the years we have built a true referral network and we know first-hand the skills and qualities our clients are looking for

Cathara offer four different psychometric profile tests to give you insight into employment suitability