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Our approach is pragmatic and effective. It initiates and controls a constructive dialogue between the business and IT, so everyone understands the organisation’s issues and business priorities. This ensures that IT investments and assets properly meet business needs, while helping implement the targeted business strategies and objectives.

Our Senior Consultants possess a wide range of relevant certifications, including TOGAF 9, and will help you define the best approach for your business context. Our Architects will help you focus on the required target state while aligning it with your business imperatives, and effectively develop a roadmap that support strategic and long-range planning.

  • Linking the business mission, strategy, and processes of an organisation to its IT strategy
  • Documenting multiple architectural models or views
  • Showing how the current and future needs of an organisation will be met
  • Efficient, sustainable, agile, and flexible modelling
  • Assisting with the development of the technology solutions and mapping the business requirements


Government Agency

Cloud-based Enterprise Planning Solution

Part One

The challenge

Cathara Consulting provided consulting services to support the selection, procurement and implementation of a Cloud-based Enterprise Planning Solution for a Government agency.

The budgeting and planning systems and processes were outdated and not fit for purpose. The processes were manual, paper-based and labour intensive. The solution lacked transparency, and was time-consuming for the Managers and finance staff. The users wanted a platform that was easy to use, collaborative, provided powerful modelling capability and integrated with the Financial system.

In addition, the agency wanted to enhance its modelling capability to provide scenario planning so that they could better understand their options in the ever-changing world.

The CAPEX process was MS Excel-based and labour-intensive. The Excel-based spreadsheets used to manage the capital projects were stand-alone and required considerable effort to maintain. Managers submitted the Capital Projects by email, through a manual process. They had very little visibility of the Capital Projects, and the solution was time-consuming and non-collaborative.

The challenge
Our approach

Part Two

Our approach

Cathara took the time to understand the business requirements and provided the client with opportunity analysis; pricing estimates and the identification of fit for purpose solution and implementor.

Support was provided throughout procurement, contract negotiation and implementation of the Enterprise Planning Solution. In addition, we provided vendor management and project management services to ensure that the solution was delivered in scope, within budget and on time.

We also provided advice and support for the change management activities, process design, data, integration, testing and training services.

Part three

The Result

As an outcome, the project delivered a successful implementation of a Cloud-based Enterprise Planning Solution and embedded new budgeting ways of working across the organisation.

Managers across the organisation have a dynamic budgeting information system integrated with the financial solution.

An online submission process was developed for managers. The Enterprise Planning tool helps manage the capital projects on a shared collaborative platform.

The project also provided for the Enterprise Planning tool to connect to the Enterprise Data Lake to strengthen the modelling and analytical capability for the agency.

The Result

How we transform

the right thing, the right way, first time

In any transformation, innovation is a key driver. Having a strong innovative culture can be the “make or break” of a transformation process. Since its inception, Cathara has been assisting clients on this journey.

“The trust and confidence that Cathara’s staff have for them, their regular contact, and making themselves readily accessible, results in their maintaining a close knowledge and awareness of project and account activities”

Associate Director, Client Services Information Services, University of Western Australia

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