Cathara Consulting was engaged by a major online gaming company to develop a strategic framework for its Information Technology environment. The online gaming environment presented the challenge of a leading-edge company which develops and supports its own core Cloud-based products with a 24/7 up time, services that are spread across the globe and a fully agile, sprint-based development and release environment. The strategic design therefore did not cover a digital transformation but an already technically advanced, established Cloud-based environment.
This fast-growing company urgently needed some consistency to support and guide its corporate objectives while incorporating the flexibility to respond rapidly to environmental changes.


The engagement commenced with an analysis of the complete Information Technology environment, including horizontal corporate business systems and application-specific product verticals. Interviews were conducted across the various technical knowledge domains to get a first understanding of their current state.

A preliminary IT Strategic Framework was developed over a period of 3 weeks, in close cooperation with the owner of the initiative, the Chief Technology Officer (CTO). This Framework introduced the industry standard practice of an overarching IT Strategy, a more flexible Strategic Plan and a corresponding Roadmap.

Next, interviews were facilitated with key executive stake holders as well as senior and middle management layers, involving the CTO and the Head of Enterprise Architecture. The results of these interviews were summarised and used to populate the pre-prepared templates in the Framework, thus setting the direction for the organisation's IT future state in terms of objectives, ideas and expectations.

Last but not least a final round of interviews was held with senior IT managers, to discuss their ideas as to the technical considerations surrounding the strategic objectives that had been put forward.


The resulting IT Strategic Framework provided the foundation for an aligned IT Strategy, Plan and Roadmap, fed by strategic considerations and technical capabilities.

Key executive buy-in was received for the way in which the eventual Strategy, Plan and Roadmap were proposed to be presented, against the backdrop of company values and culture.

In this respect the proposed strategic components were regarded as a perfect reflection of what this technical edge company stands for: a long-term outlook with a more short-term approach to agility and response to changing market conditions, support of core principles of agility, quality and innovation, and all this brought to life as an appealing story, visualised where possible, and with complexities simplified.


Implementing Business Transformation