A Government Department engaged Cathara Consulting initially to complete an Active Directory and Exchange redesign project. Following this, our Project Manager worked with the client to re-align the scope and propose a new organisational structure and a revised budget.
As an outcome of the re-scoping exercise, the Department decided to create a new, larger multi-million dollars project. This project was both ambitious and complex and would make a significant impact on their operations.


As part of this new initiative, the Department purchased a new software product. This product included:

  • Ensemble – A development platform that allowed for the development of services utilising Services Orientated Architecture. It also supported the use of HL7 messaging.
  • Cache – This specialised high-performance database was used to store all information in a single repository.

Cathara managed this project by:

  • Providing Project Management services for delivery of Services Orientated Architecture and the development of services using an Agile approach.
  • Guiding work on messaging interfaces, medical devices and assisting third parties for a new hospital and state-wide implementations.
  • Developing and implementing the Release management processes for services across the eight environments.
  • Developing and implementing the infrastructure to enable submission of patient discharge summaries to the Personally Controlled Electronic Health Record.
  • Migrating and transforming millions of patients and millions of case records into a new Common Information Model, enabling standardisation of patient information, accessible across all metropolitan sites.
  • Developing new services using an Agile software development methodology to meet the requirements for the delivery of applications under the ICT program.
  • Establishing a Control group for the prioritisation of development of new or updated services for use across the Department. This group included all Application Portfolio Managers.


The result of this engagement provided the client with a suite of products to enable a resilient, scalable service and manage data integrity and messaging across the systems landscape. It provided additional capability for integrating the Department’s heterogeneous and legacy IT systems with the contemporary new systems being implemented.

It provided integration capabilities that will enable the exchange and access of information between the Department and external parties involved in the care of a patient on a national basis.


Project Delivery & Integration