Cathara Consulting was engaged by a large Mining Equipment Dealer to review their technology operations following the introduction of austerity measures into the company. The engagement had to focus on the analysis and auditing of processes, risks and issues.


The engagement was broken down into 2 stages; firstly, an initial audit and second, Time in Motion studies, Business Process and Cross Functional Mapping leading to a final recommendation.

The SCRS approach (Strategy, Current State, Requirements, Solution Design) was initially used to assess the business maturity and perform a high-level audit of the group and its processes.

Business Process Management and Notation (BPMN) was then used to perform business process mapping activities.

Time and Motion Studies, a core set of tools which are used by the Managers in the industrial sector to enhance the performance or the operational efficiency, were performed.

Stakeholder engagement and regular, clear communication was critical, with minimum weekly checkpoint meetings held with the project owner and regular workshops and presentation sessions held to minimise resistance and assist with organisational cultural change and acceptance.


This resulted in the delivery of a series of business assets that would contribute to the groups transition and included:

  • The identification of business-critical risks and issues
  • The auditing, documentation and streamlining of processes
  • A review of the Technology Operations Groups organisational structure
  • The production of a cross-functional business process map, mapping all processes, the dependencies between each, the roles, as well as linkages to other departments and organisations
  • The documentation and presentation of recommendations for improvements to the business.


Implementing Business Transformation
Project Portfolio Efficiency & Optimisation